The application for our highly acclaimed academic 和 boarding school summer experience – the Webb 青年学者暑期计划 – will be available soon!



我们的青年学者计划上升7 -, 8th- 和9th-graders is led by Webb’s experienced faculty who engage with students in what they do best. Ours is a boarding-only program that offers five tracks: 古生物学 (taking advantage of our one-of-a-kind resource in the 阿尔夫博物馆), 科学与工程(利用我们最先进的实验室), 数字艺术, 医学科学 和 全球改变 (leaning into our 100 years of work with putting honor 和 moral courage above all else).

We are nestled at the base of the San Gabriel Mountains just minutes away from the Claremont Colleges – a 150-acre campus that is a safe 和 inspiring place for students to make new friends, 在学术上挑战自己,探索自己的激情.

暑期项目的学生体验所有寄宿学校生活所提供的. They live in our dormitories under the supervision of experienced faculty 和 residential staff 和 have full rein of our beautiful campus. Afternoon 和 evening activities complement the daily learning goals 和 engage students in an array of sports, 游戏和郊游.

From field trips to Southern California’s best tourist attractions to impromptu movies in Claremont Village, from swimming in our state-of-the-art aquatics center to hiking the foothills behind campus, 从聚集在宿舍前的火坑周围到享受我们的健康, 美味的食堂食物, 学生们真的把全球赌博十大网站当成了他们的避暑之家.




阶段1: 7月24

阶段2: 7月19-28


Dr. 苏珊娜赶到现场



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Students will be immersed in the world of the research paleontologist as they learn the latest methods 和 technologies for reconstructing our prehistoric world. 雷蒙德·M. 阿尔夫博物馆 of 古生物学 at 全球赌博十大网站商学院 is a one-of-a-kind science research institution: a nationally accredited museum housed on the school campus. 收藏超过195件,000年的标本, 包括跨越5亿年全球历史的罕见发现, the museum is a perfect site for students to dig into science 和 explore the fossil record.



  • Learn alongside world-renowned paleontologists through h和s-on work with real fossils in the 阿尔夫博物馆’s state-of-the-art research 和 fossil prep labs.
  • 走进田野, investigating the tide pools on Solana Beach 和 finding connections with the fossil record, 探索洛杉矶的博物馆, 比如自然历史博物馆和加州科学中心.
  • Travel through the cosmos at Webb’s own Hefner Observatory, housing a Celestron-14 telescope
  • Create 3-D prints of fossils 和 catalog your fossil finds so they can be placed into the permanent collection of the 阿尔夫博物馆 with your name listed as identifier.

在很多领域, 年轻人正在引领想象和建设更具包容性的世界, 公平和可持续发展的社区. 你想成为他们中的一员吗? The major political 和 social issues our world faces — including environmental protection, 移民, 经济发展和人权-将影响到每个人,并跨越国界. 与来自世界各地的同行一起,揭开这些问题背后的复杂性. 你将参加游戏, 辩论, case studies 和 simulations that allow you to deliberate on 和 discuss the same issues that global community leaders confront. 互动挑战和沟通训练, 批判性思维, 团队合作, problem solving 和 empathy will help you develop the skills to make ethical decisions 和 advocate for change as a global changemaker.



  • 获得关键的领导技能,成为你所在社区的变革者.
  • 提高你的研究和辩论技能,更好地倡导你关心的问题.
  • Learn how to be a better collaborator through experiential challenges, including a high ropes course.
  • 与引领变革的专业人士接触.
  • 志愿参加当地社区的活动.

学习如何提出探索性的科学问题和设计动手实验. This course will guide students to think like scientists as they engage in research in our cutting-edge advanced science lab. 从化学到神经科学,从机器人到海洋生物学, 学生将沉浸在真正的科学中. Students will use everything from Bunsen burners 和 beakers to circuit boards 和 microscopes to construct an underst和ing of how the world works.



  • 在我们的高级科学实验室进行为期10天的动手实验研究.
  • 与其他初级学者一起设计并参加工程挑战赛.
  • 学会创造一个独特的研究问题和设计一个实验.
  • Meet professional scientists 和 engineers 和 learn about their work through field trips around the Los Angeles area.

学生将在艺术、媒体和技术的交叉点制作、创造和探索. 从平面设计到编码和摄影, 从3d打印到移动显微镜, 学生将培养他们的艺术兴趣和发现新的激情.



  • 在我们先进的设施中工作,包括我们的数字媒体工作室和创客空间.
  • 设计和创建自己的短片,3d模型和更多.
  • Explore the local arts 和 technology scene through field trips around the Los Angeles area.
  • Hone your creativity, test your collaboration skills 和 cultivate your voice 和 confidence.

通过动手实验和实习, 学生将探索医学和保健专业领域, 包括解剖学和生理学, 神经科学, 分子生物学, 生物化学, 心理学, 心理健康,运动美学和运动医学, 生物伦理学和公共卫生. 学生们将在最先进的实验室设施中学习, 通过解剖熟悉手术工具, gain critical lifesaving skills through training in the basics of First Aid 和 deliberate on the privileges 和 responsibilities of caring for human life.



  • 在最先进的实验室工作,磨练你作为研究人员和实验室科学家的专业知识.
  • Meet professionals in a variety of medical fields 和 learn about their jobs 和 specialties through field trips 和 class visits.
  • 使用手术工具进行解剖.
  • 通过基本的急救训练,获得关键的救生技能.

突出 & 特性

  • State-of-the-art facilities, including our digital media lab 和 makers space, the Raymond M. 阿尔夫古生物博物馆和全球赌博十大网站天文台.
  • Live 和 study alongside students from around the country 和 the world in our global residential community.
  • Teaching 和 mentorship from Webb’s incredible summer program faculty 和 chances for authentic engagement with dedicated faculty devoted to your personal growth.
  • 在前沿公司进行实地考察, 整个地区的博物馆和文化景点, 从沙漠到大海.
  • 更多,更多!




全球赌博十大网站将再次为7年级学生提供青年学者暑期项目th-, 8th- 和9th-2024年7月在校园里的年级生. Prospective students 和 families can learn more on our website about our two sessions 和 four unique 和 engaging programs in 古生物学, 科学与工程, 数字艺术与全球伦理.

我们很高兴你决定申请全球赌博十大网站青年学者. 我们的优先期限是 3月15日. We will begin reviewing applications after the priority deadline 和 you will receive your admission decision shortly after that date. 在此截止日期之后,申请将以滚动方式接受.

申请时,请填写申请表 在线申请. 一旦你提交了申请, 您可以访问在线门户,系统将提示您进行上传 成绩单或成绩单和老师推荐信. 推荐表格将在CampInTouch在线门户网站上提供.

随着我们不断收到更多合格的国际申请者,我们正在与 VericantDuolingo 协助进行语言筛选面试. Students attending school in a non-English speaking country are required to complete a Vericant interview (available in China) or a Duolingo test (available everywhere). Students who have attended at least one year at a school where the primary language of instruction is English are exempt.

学生有机会选择科学 & 工程学、古生物学、全球变革者、医学和数字艺术. 每年夏天提供两次为期10天的课程. 学生可以参加两个课程,并选择两种不同的课程.

是的, students in the paleontology program within 初级学者 do have the opportunity to work in the 阿尔夫博物馆. The museum includes two floors of installations 和 displays 和 holds over 175,000 fossil specimens.

是的,欢迎学生报名参加两个暑期班. 有一个过渡项目,你可以报名并留在校园.